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Today, February 2nd was supposed to be the start of being open on Mondays, but Mother Nature had another plan.  So, we are not open today.


Our new store hours are:

Monday :            10 - 5

Tuesday              10 - 6

Wednesday         10 - 6

Thursday             10 - 8

Friday                  10 - 6

Saturday              10 - 5

Sunday                Closedeceiv 

















We did it again, Sew Here Sew Now won a special recognition award for 2011.  Our thanks go out to you, our Customers for making this possible.  Thanks for making this the best shop to spend our days in.

We Won Another Award! - Click to Enlarge


We would like to wholeheartedly thank you, our customers, for your continuing support, especially in these tough economic times.  Thanks to you we have received our third award, two for sales excellence and one as the best sewing shop in Scarborough.  Sew Here Sew Now is a dream come true for us, and we want to take the time to extend our gratitude to you

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 - the people who have made our success possible.

Please remember that Sew Here Sew Now is here to meet your sewing needs, both large and small, so you are always welcome to drop in for machine repairs, or new machines or even just some thread or friendly advice.

The All-In-One Sewing Centre

Mission Statement

Our mission at Sew Here Sew Now Sewing Centre is to provide our clients with high quality Brand Name sewing machines, sewing machine repair & maintenance services, and training to sewers of all levels in a clean, bright and stimulating environment.

Our goal is to foster and share a passion for the art of sewing; to teach and learn in a non-threatening environment; to provide the supplies and equipment to encourage the learning and fun of our craft, and to take sewing beyond the limits that our grandmothers ever dreamed possible.


Sales, Service, Support  -  We aim to please!

Our business is built on sales, service and support, all coupled with the highest level of customer service.  Once you are our customer, you become a part of a community where you always have a place to come and expand your skills with friends.  

Meet the Owner

Catherine has been avidly involved in sewing since the tender age of
seven.  Over the years she has developed her skills to include
Dressmaking, Embroidery, Quilting, Drapery, Soft Furnishings and
upholstery.  Additionally, Catherine has been (and still is) involved
in numerous other crafts such as pottery, costuming and knitting.  
Combining all this experience, skill at the "art" of sewing, technical
knowledge and more than 10 years of sewing machine sales has given
her the ability to match the right machine to the individual, and to be
able to resolve the numerous problems and questions of her clients.  
She truly cares about her clients - a trait that is so often lacking in
todays retail world.  No wonder her motto lives with every sale.